Conservation Through Exploration 


You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters. ~ St. Bernard


Welcome to X-plorenow

X-plorenow is a conservation, outdoor adventure and expedition organization focused on reconnecting people with the world around them through hands-on outdoor exploration. Today's society has taken nature and the world around them for granted. We hope that by increasing society's appreciation for the wilderness and the world around them that they will begin to make personal choices to help protect nature. Hopefully if we do the world will be a beautiful place for our children's children and beyond to enjoy.

It's not all sacrifice. Nature is to be enjoyed and explored, not just nurtured. Nature is not only beautiful, it is often astounding. Nature can provide a great deal of enjoyment, and can also provide a wealth of healing powers. My wife, Kym, and I have loved the outdoors all of our lives. But, it wasn't until a few years ago - after the death of our twins - that we began to dedicate a large portion of our life to exploring the remote wildernesses of the Southwest. At first we needed the distraction from our enormous loss, but we also realized that we had to start living life! To take time to do the things we have always wanted to do - life is not forever my friends. Now we can't spend enough time outdoors. While incredibly exciting and relaxing, it has also helped us to re-find ourselves. As much as we value nature, we want to ensure that it is protected, while still allowing us access to enjoy. is a location where individuals and families can come to share ideas for conservation, adventures or to relive expeditions to remote locations through the  
team's and our member's experiences, pictures, videos, and personal accounts.

We encourage you to involve your children; this is a family friendly site. We also believe that the key to continued conservation success is to educate our youth. Hopefully we can instill new habits in our youth before it is too late.

Your adventures and expeditions don't have to be extreme; they could be as simple as a short hike and a picnic in the woods. All adventures do require proper equipment and planning, and in some cases training.   X-plorenow will work with you to help you to identify and plan for your perfect adventure. Your conservation measures don't have to be extreme to make an impact as well, maybe start to recycle and stop using bottled water. All of the effort is worth it, enjoying the outdoors will help with your physical and mental health, while giving you a better appreciation of the world around you.

So you have no excuse - get out and explore now!


May the Sun bring you new energy by day
 May the moon softly restore you by night
May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze blow new strength into your being
May you walk gently through the world and know it's beauty all the days of your life
~ Apache Blessing

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